Ouija Boards

A Ouija board is a board labeled numerically and alphabetically used to connect with spirits or ghosts. The board is typically made of wood, paired with a plastic planchette, which aids in the communication by revealing numbers, letters, a yes or a no, and a goodbye as it slides across under your fingertips. Since it’s still being sold in the board game aisle, some think it’s just a game, but is it really?

In 1981, they were introduced by ads in the paper. It was described as “a magical device” and “interesting and mysterious.” But where did this idea come from?

Apparently, it came from Spiritualism (the belief that the deceased can reach out and communicate with the living). This belief migrated from Europe to America around the mid-1800’s, reaching it’s peak soon-after with the help of the Fox Sisters, who claimed they had the power to receive messages from spirits as well as others who claimed to possess the ability. Séances then became a popular pastime


Photo by Ryan Paul Troy of Shuttershock

https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-strange-and-mysterious-history-of-the-ouija-board-5860627/  by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

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