Ghosts In Alabama

Below are a select few of previously recorded paranormal attractions in Alabama.

Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham

Starting operation producing pig iron in 1882 and ending it in 1971, Sloss Furnaces has become a widely-known historical landmark. Open to the public, it is currently used as a site for festivals and concerts and is free to visit within it’s open hours. But Sloss possesses a darker aura due to the hauntings. Probably being one of the most notorious ghosts that haunt the location, James Sloss was one of the founders of Birmingham and started the Sloss Furnaces. Though, it wasn’t long until he retired and sold his company in 1886 to some investors known back then as the Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Company. He now is said to roam the facility as an aggressive entity as well as others who have passed away, making their presences known in the form of screams, apparitions, and aggression, pushing some of those that visit today. I’d tread very lightly here…

Fort Morgan in Gulf Shores

Established in 1834, Fort Morgan has stood through the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and World Wars 1 and 2, as well as the Battle of Mobile Bay. Today, visitors report seeing apparitions of soldiers and the residual echos of screams and cries.

Horton House in Pine Ridge

This eerie abandoned house is home to the story of a crazed father that brutally murdered his three children and his wife. He took his life thereafter. People say the entire family still lingers, haunting the area. There have been reports of being choked, knocking on the walls and the floors, and the scream of a girl coming from a bird…very, very strange…

The Bridge in Gadsden

A tragic story of a mother and her baby drowning revolves around this bridge. A father and a mother that lived near town got into an intense argument resulting in the woman taking their baby and heading out by the bridge. Unfortunately, after the father went out later to search for them and they came out from a bush, it frightened the nearby horses which ended in the horses whacking the mother and baby off of the bridge into the creek below and they drowned in the accident. Witnesses claim that the spirit of the mother can be seen around the creek and the sound of a baby cry and carriage wheels can be heard.

The Carter Mansion in Huntsville

The ghost that haunts the grounds of the Carter Mansion is known to be Sally Carter herself, who is now buried in an unmarked grave (Maple Hill Cemetery). She is to blame for moving furniture and throwing pillows around. The house is closed off to the public unless you personally make an appointment, so do not trespass.

Spring Villa in Opelika

Battered and bruised, Spring Villa still stands to represent all that has taken place there. A particular story is attached to the stairs inside. A young slave hid there in a plot to take down his master, William Yonge, in which he succeeded, stabbing him and leaving him to die from blood loss. People have reported seeing apparitions on the higher stories of the house, though one of those levels cannot be reached. Others feel unease and are being pushed on the 13th step (where William Yonge died). Voices and the sound of a piano playing have also been noticed.

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